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Welcome to our past student search. This tool allows you to search for past students of the  school using a database of students from 1910 to the present time. The database is not complete but we are constantly updating it.

To perform a search you can enter the Student Name (or a portion of it), the First Year i.e. year of admission or entry, House (dormitory), Class Stream or Year Group (the year of graduation).

The Year Group  is the year the student and / or his house mates or classmates completed Form 5 in the old school system or SSS3/SSS4 in the new/current system.

Searches can be performed by filling in a portion of the information required. For example to search for all Santaclausians in the 1980 year group, you will  select '1980' for the Year Group and leave the rest of the fields blank. Results are displayed below the form. 

Do note that the information retrieved is based on what is available and may not be complete.

If you come across any discrepancy please notify the Webmaster.