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 Post subject: Welcome (Please read for Forum information)
PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2007 
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Year Group: 1980
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Country: Canada
Welcome to the Adisco Forums (an online bulletin board or discussion group) used by old boys, current students, school administrators and Friends of Adisadel College. The Adisco Forums is a restricted discussion forum meaning you must register and sign on (login) to be able to see and have access to the FULL discussion groups/categories. The Forum is not a chat room...but we may be adding a chat room in the future if needed.

As an unregistered member this forum (you are reading and a few others) will be the only forums you'll see...but there is more to the Adisco Forum.

There are 2 ways by which you could register and become a member of this Forum and also join the larger Santaclausian Family...and the process is fairly simple:

For both cases, you get a form which you fill with details of when you were a student at Adisadel College. You will need a valid email address to complete the registration form. The email address is necessary to enable us and other registered members to communicate with you. Within the Forum you will have access to members who were your classmates (year group) and housemates - it is therefore very important that the email used for registration is valid and does not bounce.

After registering an Administrator will activate your account and inform you via email that your account is active. In some cases the activation takes place automatically. You can then sign-on to the Adisco Forums and be part of the global Adisco Family.

An important aspect of being a registered member, is that you will receive information via email on select events and general information regarding the school and Old Boys around world.

Do note that if you have already registered through the main Old Boys website, then you are already a member and you need not register again. You should be able to sign-on using the credentials from the website. If you have any issues you could contact and/or send the Administrator or any of the Moderators a message.

Global Alumni Database
By registering, you automatically become a member of the Adisadel Old Boys Association (AOBA) and a part of the global Adisadel Alumni Database. You get access to the full database of other registered members and you can use features within this Forum to check up on classmates, house-mates, send messages, emails, etc. The registration process allows us through an Alumni Networking Initiative to link up Santaclausians with the same professional background, expertise and/or interests. This initiative also helps our mentorship program between older Santaclausians and the younger ones. We would also request that you update your information/profile through the User Control Panel menu (top right corner on the page) from time to time to enable us have the latest information in the Global Alumni Database.

The Global Alumni Database is not used for spam or given out to a third party. This database is for the main purpose of keeping Santaclsuaians informed about the school and with AOBA activities and programs.

Forgotten Password or UserName
If you forget your username and/or password, please DO NOT re-register as it will cause duplicates within the member database - we are trying to create a fairly descent registry of Old Boys. Rather, you can send the Administrator ([url][/url]) or any of the moderators a message and the issue will be resolved. There is also an automated process that enables you to request a reset of your password - you'll find this on the sign-on page.

To sign-on click on the Login link at the top left corner of the page (underneath the Adisco crest). This will bring up a new page that will enable you to enter your Username and Password. This is necessary because you are the owner of the information you provided during registration and we need to identify ourselves as we take part in the various discussions that take place within this Forum.

Using the Forums
The Adisco Online Forums have many tools and interfaces that allow us (Santaclausians) use modern and leading edge online technologies to better organise ourselves and be among one of the best student groups using such up-to-date mediums for communication, education, and dissemination of information.

Some of you I'm sure may have used such mediums at your places of work, for games/entertainment, for software technical support, etc. so this will be nothing new...but for those who may be new to online forums/bulletin boards, this medium serves as a neat way to communicate among a group of people. What are some of the things one could do or use within the forum...well the list may be long but I'll give a few...

    - Communication and dissemination of information: we have various categories that enable us discuss specific issues related to Adisco.
    - Discussion topics are grouped into catagories for more emphasis and responses in order for actions to be taken
    - We are able to easily re-group ourselves into the various year groups, or look for house/dorm mates and even old 'lost' friends
    - One can set up a group of close friends and initiate private 'conversations'
    - We can easily identify ourselves via our Adisco nick names, house, class, names, or where we live
    - One can include a picture through a profile, and basically inform us about what they're currently up to
    - One can subscribe to particular topics and be notified via email when there are new posts or comments
    - There are options for those interested to moderate particular topics and/or discussion categories
    - One can easily search through the database for friends, particular topics, messgaes, etc.
    - There are possibilities to provide mentorship 'programmes' between the 'old' old boys and the young old boys
    - Subscription to interested topics via email - this allows you to receive an email of a selected post/message/discussion topic or contribution and not be bothered by every contribution or post made on the Forum.
    - Generally this is where we would like Santaclausians to meet and discuss our great school - Adisadel College

Explore the Forums
Once you are registered, we invite you to explore the Forums (I'm sure you may even come across something we do not know about...just tell us about it) and also tell us what you would like to see or have done and we'll do our best...this Forum is for all of us. We also expect you to inform other Santaclausians and spread the word.

At the top-right corner of each page you'll find links to more information about this Forum. The FAQ link is a good read. There is also a Search link and a Members link listing the current registered members. On the Index Page you'll also find a Legend which groups all registered members into their Year Groups and their Houses - these give you a quick view as to who is 'here' in your year group or was your house-mate. You can use the User Control Panel link to update your profile and set up your Forum preferences for your Forum session/experience.

Rememebr the Centenary
I also need to remind you that Adisco's centenary is just around the corner and we need to start preparing towards this great event...what can we do? What do we expect? How can we help? Do let us know...we are all here to improve our lot...and help one another...We have a Forum created specifically for the Centenary. You can subscribe to this Forum and be abrest with the latest information on the Centenary...see Adisco Centenary Forum

Play Up...Play Up!
...So...we look forward to your registration and joining the Adisco Family on this new Adisco medium... up...Santaclusians....(so-me-do) :D :D :D


:ugeek: Administrator

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 Post subject: Re: Welcome
PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 

Joined: Tue Jun 19, 2007
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First Name: George
Last Name: Arthur
Year Group: 1983
House: Ebiradze
Country: United States
Great to read that. We need to all join up and move ahead with various initiatives put forward by the Association to make the Centenary a success. We owe that to our Alma mater.

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